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    LCD-Ad | Network Device KS32WF "32"

    ADFRAME-Control functions advertising

    1:FTP Server: FTP server is a server of storing media content, the user can use an ordinary PC as the FTP server to provide advertising content storage services. Only need FTP server software installed (if not we can provide a free FTP service software) can provide a stable of online advertising services.

    2:Editorial content Workstation: the workstation is an editor edits, and publish media content management platforms and can easily update the content of all advertising, editorial content in the control of advertising with our workstations are installed with the software ADFRAME-Control, the user can use the ADFRAME-Control will be Need to update the contents of the row a good version and upload to FTP server, so that all advertising will log on to the FTP server to update the content

    3:Wireless Router: ADFRAME ad-supported USB wireless Wifi, through the USB wifi ad machine connected to the FTP server on the Internet to download the latest content, the wireless device standard 802.11 b / g. capacity according to different hardware with different access number, general household Wireless AP can support up to 20-30 terminals, as ADFRAME-Control is designed to send only a brief instruction and advertising communication, and designed to minimize the real-time transmission mechanism, and can be set in software to download video and in the evening Play in the local CF card, so the ideal state can support up to 50 terminals to advertising.

    Display Spec Active Area (mm) 697mm(H)X392mm(V)  
    Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.264X0.264
    Resolution 1366x768
    Luminance 450nits
    Contrast Ratio 1000:1
    Colors 16.7M
    Response Time 6ms
    Viewing Angle 170°(H) 170°(V)
    Function Speaker inside,built-in cf card, support 2xUSB interface,
    remote control,built-in wifi mode,1x10M/100M ethernetnetwork interface(RJ45)
    The contents of the remote download from server, according playlist of server to play

    Video containers: avi, mpg, vob, ts,mp4,
    mov, divx, asf, wmv
    Video Codecs: mpeg2, mpeg4 (divx, xvid), H.264, VC-1
    Audio Codecs: mp3, ac3, pcm, aac,

    Language: Chinese/English

    Software features:Start advertising:
    1:Support for start-health self-advertising machine

    Control software authority and account management:
    1:Simple Account Management Login
    2:Group management and group management parameters (including group layout)
    3:Advertising group management

    Publishing Management (Document Management):
    1:8 default screen layout options available to support user-defined distribution set.
    2:Support pictures and video mixed in the same area.
    3:No black screen switching and support pictures play.
    4:Video screen options: Letter box / Pan scan / 16:9 / 4:3.
    5:support Specify the video or pictures to full-screen playback.
    6:Support the five-time set timer switch.
    7:Support Play scheme (set Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
    8:Support play different playlists on different dates (multiple playlists).
    9:Support Chinese / English language display.
    10:Support for file upload to the specified FTP, and to support HTTP.
    11:Supports playlists and other configuration files are automatically encrypted, ensuring reliable and secure broadcast


    Log View (stored in the CF Card):
    1:Log advertising
    2:Play program Calendar
    Advertising management:
    1:Advertising register.
    2:Advertising units state statistics.
    3:Advertising status.
    4:Remote management (reboot, format CF card, disk scanning, notification STB updates, announcements, retrieve player status,

    6:Support allows users to download text and pictures selection of priority (in the UI, the user choice).
    7:Support automatically upload of finished layout file to the specified FTP
    Advertising remote control to set:
    1:Support the screen switch setting and time setting of clock.
    2:Support subtitle font color and background color settings.
    3:Support remote file management, you can visit and remove local CF card (or hard) content.
    4:when no content playback supports automatically shut down the screen.
    5:Support cross / vertical screen remote control switches, support rotate 90 degrees vertical screen menu, support portrait

    take the word.
    6:USB-update broadcast content.
    7:Support for USB firmware upgrade.

    Network features:
    1:Support DHCP to dynamic allocation IP and fixed address specified
    2:support USB wireless and network connection
    3:Support network after the accident off automatically re-connected network
    4:Support multiple unit using different FTP server
    5:Support RSS news feed (Subtitles)
    6:Download Play from specified Http URL (picture designated areas, specify the refresh time)
    7:Support FTP file download on the specified player.


    Instruction manual
    Remote Control
    Others Power Supply 100-240V AC 3A MAX
    Power ≤125W
    Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C
    Operating Humidity 20% to 80%
    Mes (LxWxH)  
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